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Trust me, I’m a Vet

If you haven't already, I think this new BBC series is a must see for any pet owner. In the show, the team of professional vets, led by Steve Leonard seek out latest research and advice for taking care of... Continue Reading →

Man’s New Best Friend

"There is nothing more satisfying than the purr of a happy cat." According to the BBC, cat ownership is on the rise and it is being driven by the one million men getting a feline friend! You can read full... Continue Reading →


Pet beds and climbing furniture can be expensive if buying from a high street shop, so finding a great and relatively cheap bed you can make yourself for your four legged friend is exciting, especially that you can also customise... Continue Reading →

Japanese scientists confirm what cat owners suspected for years!

Japanese scientists say that cats are just as intelligent as dogs after studying 49 domestic cats.  They studied cat's memory and found that cats can recall 'what' and 'where' information. They think that this research may improve people's cat-human relationships... Continue Reading →

Yorkshire Meow is in the local Darlington & Stockton Times

  We have been featured in the local Darlington & Stockton Times newspaper, read the full article here! Luna traveled a long way to be in the picture and is such a poser even if she pretends to hate having... Continue Reading →

Cat Toy Review 1

Over the years I must have spent over £100 on cat toys, from laser pens to self spinning contraptions and most were met with disapproval from the queens of the house. Not many of the toys I bought them were... Continue Reading →

Composed for Cats

In the news today I read about the composer David Teie, who has released an album just for cats and it has already reached number 1 in the charts! Apparently he carefully chose the chords and notes that have been... Continue Reading →

Cattery or Cat Sitter?

Whether you are going on holiday, working till late or have an emergency, you need to think about your cat. Your choice on what to do in these situations will depend on your circumstances and your cat's personality, but what... Continue Reading →

Cat Friendly Plants

It is nice to receive bouquets of flowers and decorate your home with plants, however, if you have pets, it is important to consider which plants may be poisonous to your four legged companion if eaten.  Carnations, lilies, holly and... Continue Reading →

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