Our daily visits offer a great alternative to catteries, your pet will feel safe and happy at home.

With visits from our kitty sitter, your pet will be staying in their own home, in a familiar environment, having access to all its favourite hiding and napping spots. For you, this will mean a guilt free time away and you don’t have to impose on a friend or family member to look after your pet. As well as holidays, you can also use our service for ad-hoc visits whilst at work as well as in emergencies.

Our services include:

  • Feeding your pets, making sure they have access to clean drinking water
  • Cleaning out litter trays every day
  • Playing, grooming, keeping your pets company
  • Tidying up after your pet
  • Text, Email or Facebook message updates if requested
  • Making house look ‘lived in’ by opening and shutting curtains, turning lights on and off, putting post away and putting bins out on bin day.

Our Prices are per household, not per pet, however if you have more than one animal you may want us to spend more time with them:

*We will require a 50% deposit before the care period takes place.

  • Bank Hols: 30 minute visit  £12  •  two 30 minute visits  £23
  • Weekends: 30 minute visit  £10 •  two 30 minute visits  £19
  • Weekdays:  30 minute visit  £8  •  two 30 minute visits  £15
  • 7 Day Deal (two 30 minute visits / day)  £110


* Christmas bookings require a deposit. Full payment no later than December 15th

 Prices are correct as of December 2016