Over the years I must have spent over £100 on cat toys, from laser pens to self spinning contraptions and most were met with disapproval from the queens of the house. Not many of the toys I bought them were played with and most were really made for humans, not cats.

Recently however I got this little retractable cat wand  and both kitties went mental for it. Its pretty easy to wave about too unlike rubber band wands, this one has transparent string which is almost invisible so makes the feathers look like they are moving on their own. The toy is also retractable so can be carefully put away after play and comes with 3 different ends all different in sizes to suit your cat.

I am surprised that toys like this are not readily available in large pet shops, you pretty much have to buy them online which is a shame.

SnowCinda Retractable Cat Wand  gets 5* from me!