In the news today I read about the composer David Teie, who has released an album just for cats and it has already reached number 1 in the charts! Apparently he carefully chose the chords and notes that have been proven to appeal to cats and have a calming effect on them.

The composer said that he had a theory on the fundamental nature of music appreciation by mammals and that the cats establish their sense of music through the “sounds heard after they are born: bird’s chirping, suckling for milk and mother’s purr” When composing music for cats, Teie tried to incorporate these sounds as he was trying to find a way to communicate with cats and funded his research with a Kickstarter campaign.

The CD is available to buy for £10 on Amazon and has 5* reviews from cat parents who got these for their feline family!

Dog parents, don’t despair! Teie already began recording music for dogs as well and wants to create scientifically credible music for as many members of the animal kingdom as possible!