Whether you are going on holiday, working till late or have an emergency, you need to think about your cat. Your choice on what to do in these situations will depend on your circumstances and your cat’s personality, but what can you learn from the experts?

Both RSPCA and Cats Protection offer advice on what to do with your beloved feline if you cannot be there to take care of them. Both agree that the best solution for most cats is the cat sitter because it allows your cat to stay where he will be happiest and most confident, which is his own home.

Cats can have difficult time dealing with the loss of their favourite care giver even if it is temporary. Your cat wont know that you are only leaving for a week and wont understand why you did not come back from work to feed them. Rescued cats, especially ones who were abandoned before may find this very traumatic.  Staying in his own territory and having someone come in and give your cat some much needed attention, feed him and keep litter tray clean can really be the best option.

If it is not possible for your cat to stay at home, it is best to look for a cattery well in advance! You will probably want to visit the place before agreeing to anything, to make sure it matches your standards and ask staff questions about daily routines and emergency procedures. You need to make sure that the cattery has what your cat values the most, hiding places or lots of human interaction, sensitive stomach food or a high perch.

Whatever you do, don’t leave your cat home completely alone with “plenty of food and water”. If your cat gets sick or spills his water no one will know and he could become very ill and even die. If you can’t make proper arrangements for your cat while you are away … should you actually have a cat?