It is nice to receive bouquets of flowers and decorate your home with plants, however, if you have pets, it is important to consider which plants may be poisonous to your four legged companion if eaten.  Carnations, lilies, holly and even popular Christmas poinsettia are all poisonous to animals and should be kept out of reach. You will actually be surprised how many domestic plants are no good and sometimes a little upsetting, however if you had to chose between a pretty home and healthy pet, I’m sure any animal lover would pick the latter.

To get a better idea of what is safe and what isn’t, check out this ASPCA link to see the full list. It is surprising that orchids can be safe for cats yet lilies are not.

Here is a little list of the plants that are safe for your beautiful pet:

African Violet


This plants is gorgeous and comes in different colours. It’s leaves look velvety and its very easy to look after.



Calathea is a gorgeous plant that comes in many varieties, from dark purple ‘roseopica’ to spotted ‘insignis’.

Spider Plant


Spider plant has long thin leaves with white stripe in the middle. Looks great anywhere.

Money Tree Plant


This is actually a chestnut tree, looks like a palm and grows to be quite big. Easy to care for as well.



This plant can be pink and / or green, doesn’t like light too much though.

Hypoestes phyllostachya


Very similar to the previous plant, also safe for cats.

Tradescantia zebrina

tradescantia-zebrina-in-matt-black-pot-1-e1471827630219*Not safe for dogs, but fine for cats, beautiful hanging plant with purple under side.

Sedum Succulents


There juicy looking succulent are very pretty and can grow quite long and hang over the edge of the pot.

Echeveria/Haworthia/Sempervivum (Hens and Chicks)

All these succulents are safe for your feline friends.

Pink quill


This one is actually an air plant and can grow without soil. It also only needs to be sprayed with water, not watered like a normal plant.

Schlumbergera bridgesii or Christmas Cactus


This plant doesn’t look like a cactus which can be a little confusing, it is however beautiful and unique.

Maranta leuconeura


This is a very pretty plant with gorgeous pink accents on leaves.


Ferns are very popular at the moment, they look exotic inside the house and create a unique look, however not all ferns are safe for your cats, but there are still some gorgeous ones that are!

Boston Fern – nephrolepsis exalta bostoneiensis


A very popular fern, large leaves and easy to grow.

Maidenhair Fern – adiantum (different varieties)


Beautiful fern, there are different varieties of this one but all just as beautiful!

Birds Nest Fern – asplenium nidus


This one may not look like a fern, with its large flat leaves and its not the only one. Easy to grow and looks great.

Staghorn Fern – platycerium bifurcantum


A very strange looking plant with leaves that look like moose antlers.

Blue Star Fern – phlebodium aureum


This one is very pretty, with flat leaves that have a blue tinge to them.

Silver Table Fern – pteris sp


This one is very unique looking with beautiful silver pattern on its leaves.

Button Fern – pellaea rotundifolia


Strange but cute looking fern, with small rounded leaves that look like buttons!

Other cat safe ferns include: Hare Fern (davallia spp), Carrot Fern (onychium japonica), Spleenwort Fern (asplenium bulbiferum) and Moss Fern (seloginella kraussiana)

Hindu Rope (Hoya)


This hanging plant blooms with beautiful pink flowers.

Peperomia Obstusifolia


This cute plant comes with different leaf patterns and colours and is currently (2016/2017) sold at IKEA.

Peperomia Caperata (rossa, rotundifolia)



There are a lot of different types of peperomia and most of them are cat safe! Purple caperata and rossa look very striking and rotundifolia looks a little button fern like.

Pilea Peperomioides


This is a very strange looking plant, also known as Chinese Money Plant. Easy to look after and great for beginners!

Moth/Moon Orchid – phalaenopsis sp


Orchid is a quite popular house plant, easily available in most supermarkets and the moon or moth orchid is able to co-exist peacefully with your feline friend.

Gloxinia – Sinningia speciosa


Very beautiful house plant, with velvety leaves and large, bright coloured flowers.


Keep and eye out on this page, I will try and add more cat friendly plants later.